The front window of Sneek A Peek showcases a provocatively dressed mannequin and an "open" sign.

Babylon Town has tried to shut the store for three months.

Citing the proximity of Sneek A Peek to a school and a children's gymnastics center, town officials yesterday added to the more than 60 summonses issued to the store's three owners since the adult-themed shop opened in August on Sunrise Highway in West Babylon.

The summonses - which carry fines from $250 to $2,000 - were issued by the town's quality of life task force and are for violations such as not having a certificate of occupancy and operating an "adult use" store in a commercial area.

Town code prohibits such stores in commercial or residential areas. Sneek A Peek is located in a commercial zone, but store owners said only 20 percent of the sale items are considered adult; the remainder, they said, are retail.

Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone said the owners tried to blur the store's identity by changing its sign from "Peek-A-Boo - The Adult Toy Box," to the less risque, "Sneek A Peek, The Couples Boutique."

"They are in violation of our town code," Bellone said. "Every day it's open it's operating illegally."

Sneek A Peek co-owner Diana Hiotis said her store is a retail establishment. "We cater to couples," she said. "We have people that live in the community that absolutely love us."

An attorney for the store, which is challenging the summonses, did not return calls.

A temporary restraining order to prevent the store from opening in August was granted to the town in State Supreme Court in Central Islip. The court lifted the restraining order the following month, but told the store's owners to file for the necessary permits. Babylon officials said no permits were requested and that the store immediately opened.

Town officials originally said the store violated town code because it was within a 1,000-foot radius of West Babylon Junior High School. Hiotis denied the charge and Babylon has since dropped that claim. But local residents and PTA members say the shop is too close to places where children congregate.

"I don't really have a problem with the establishment, but I do have a problem with the location," said Wendy DeGaetano, a member of the school district's board of trustees.

The store displays mostly lingerie, but also sells adult-themed costumes, sexual board games and other novelty items. There is an adult video room for patrons 21 and older.

William Hill, president of the West Babylon Taxpayers Association, said the store should comply with town code, but he hasn't heard complaints.

"It's not really my kind of thing, but apparently there is some need for it," Hill said.

"We save marriages," said Hiotis. "Kids need a place to go and adults need a place to go, too."