Eureka, I found the elusive shovel-ready jobs everyone has been looking for. It was right in front of me after every snowstorm: the unshoveled walks around my neighborhood. The snow-covered sidewalks make it dangerous to walk, and I am inevitably forced to take the less dangerous route, that of walking in the street, and I have to share what little road there is with motorized vehicles that are bigger and faster than I am.

I am presently unemployed. To save money I walk whenever possible. What I suggest is for these inconsiderate homeowners to hire me at $10 per hour to clear their walks.

I imagine that this would be less costly than paying a ticket or the cost of a slip-and-slide lawsuit. It would also allow the authorities to spend their time on more important issues. I say this because even though it is a good idea to issue a summons for an unshoveled walk, the danger still remains.

I will report these earnings to unemployment to reduce any tax burden. You can think of it as an indirect tax credit. The less the government pays out, the less you will have to pay in taxes.

Mark Rauch