Those of you about to yank air conditioners out of windows or pack away swimsuits and sandals: Don't be so hasty.

Beach weather has returned, if only for a couple of days.

Summertime temperatures revisited Long Island Saturday, reaching a high in Upton of 77 degrees -- which tied the record for the date, originally set in 1990.

But that was only a warm-up, forecasters say. Temperatures Sunday are expected to reach the low 80s, eclipsing the previous mark of 80 degrees, recorded in 1949.

"We're going to be pretty far above average, especially Sunday and Monday," said Mike Layer of the National Weather Service. "We have an unusually strong ridge of high pressure over the region, and it's pretty far north. That allows for the warm air to move northward."

The system will bring a taste of summer to most of the Northeast and parts of the Great Lakes region and Ohio. A number of cities, including New York, Boston, Pittsburgh and Hartford, can expect record-breaking heat.

The hot spell should last through Monday, with the Weather Service forecasting a high of 80 degrees. No record will fall, however. The high for that date, also set in 1949, was a relatively sizzling 85.

One part of summer that won't return: high humidity.

Overnight lows will remain fall-like over the next two days -- in the 50s for most of the area.

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