The last week of summer will feature above-average temperatures before a dramatic cooling Friday — as well as a distant brush with Hurricane Fiona.

After an overnight of possible showers. the weather service is calling for sunshine and a high of 80 degrees both Tuesday and Wednesday, with a high in the mid-70s Thursday. But Friday, the high will be just 67 degrees, according to the weather service.

The autumnal equinox — the official end of summer and start of autumn — is slated for Thursday at 9:04 p.m.

As if on cue, winds from the northwest will begin to blow about 25 mph to 35 mph Thursday afternoon and Friday will bring what the weather service calls the "first shot of autumn-like weather … keeping daytime temps in the 60s" on Friday. Thursday night will see lows in the 40s and lower 50s.

The weekend will bring moderating temperatures into the 70s but Saturday night could see temperatures in the 30's in some outlying areas, the weather service said.

Before that seasonal transition, there is chance of rain Wednesday night into Thursday. In addition, the weather service warns Hurricane Fiona could start influencing waves off Long Island bringing a high risk of rip currents as "energetic swells from Fiona start

to work into the region. 

"High surf and dangerous rip currents are likely Thursday into Friday as the incoming swells peak," the weather service said.

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