Saturday will be bright, clear and warm, and Sunday should be a near twin until the afternoon — though then the recent pattern of alternating between showers and sun resumes for much of next week, forecasters said.

The high for Saturday will hit almost 60 degrees. Breezes will be mild, the National Weather Service said.

Then, the weather service said, "A storm system approaches from the southwest tonight and could bring some rainfall to some areas late at night. Rainfall otherwise spreads across the tri-state area on Sunday as the storm moves close."

The odds for downpours are about 80% on Sunday afternoon. The daytime high will be about 53 degrees.

Monday also could bring rain, with the weather service assessing the odds of precipitation at 60%. It will be cooler with temperatures only rising to about 50 degrees.

The sun returns Tuesday, followed by a cloudy Wednesday and then probably more rain on Thursday, the weather service said. Highs are expected to be in the upper 50s and low 60s.