Two women getting some exercise under an overcast sky on...

Two women getting some exercise under an overcast sky on a very warm winter day on the Long Beach boardwalk Thursday, March 10, 2016. A temperature record of 73 was set on Long Island on Thursday, according to the National Weather. Credit: J. Conrad Williams Jr. / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Thursday boasts a daily record high temperature on Long Island as the thermometer broke the 70-degree mark, the National Weather Service said.

At 11:31 a.m., the thermometer hit 72 degrees at Long Island MacArthur Airport, smashing the previous record high of 62 in 2006, according to the service’s Upton office.

“Ten degrees higher,” said Tim Morrin, a meteorologist at the service. “That’s a remarkable weather pattern.”

The temperature later ticked up another degree, to 73, according to the weather service, which started keeping records at the airport in 1984.

Both the service and News 12 Long Island meteorologist Rich Hoffman called for a second consecutive daily record high after Wednesday’s record 68 degrees.

The reason for the warm stretch, which should last for about the next week, is a southwest flow that continues to usher in the warm air mass.

Hoffman said it will be cooler at the shore and warmer inland and in Nassau County.

“In western Nassau County and areas away from the water, temperatures will be 70 to 75,” Hoffman said. “Central Suffolk County temperatures will be 65 to 70. Eastern Suffolk County temperatures will be 62 to 67.”

Winds are mild out of the southwest at 6 to 10 mph.

There’s a slight chance for rain after 3 p.m. and into the afternoon rush hour.

Clouds cool things off by later afternoon.

Chance of rain continues into the nighttime hours and winds shift to the northwest Friday morning.

The threat of rain lingers until about 9 a.m. Friday before giving way to mostly sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees.