A view of the forecast for April 12, 2019.

A view of the forecast for April 12, 2019.

Just as a stretch of about 60-degree temperatures  enters the picture, along comes what meteorologists refer to as “unsettled weather.” That means varying chances of showers, now and then.

Long Islanders could be waking up to some drizzle Friday morning, which gives way to cloudy skies during the day. That’s as temperatures head up to the high 50s, with winds picking up later in the day and overnight into Saturday, the National Weather Service said late Thursday afternoon.

What else is expected overnight into Saturday? Chances of showers, with the most likely timing for late night to early morning. And, though less likely, chances of rain still linger into Saturday afternoon.

Still, temperatures could well be heading up to the mid-60s, even crack 70 degrees the closer you get to New York City, said Faye Morrone, a weather service meteorologist.

Sunday is also looking at highs in the low to mid-60s, and what else? Chances of showers, with rain likely overnight into Monday.

Though it may be little consolation, Pat Cavlin, News 12 Long Island meteorologist, says temperature ups and downs and varying chances of showers is “very April-like.”

Still, Long islanders won't be coping with the harsh conditions some are seeing in the rest of the country -- a front producing a strong snowstorm for parts of the upper Midwest and heavy rain and thunderstorms for the southern United States.

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