Tuesday's cloudy conditions will persist through the day and overnight, with a low of 51 degrees predicted, forecasters said. 

But Wednesday the sun should come out, according to the National Weather Service, along with a seasonable high of about 67 degrees and a low of 53 at night. A partly sunny Thursday should follow with a high a few degrees warmer and a low of just 60 degrees.

 But Thursday night there is a chance of rain, which becomes more likely in the predawn hours, and Friday is predicted to see showers in the afternoon with temperatures rising to 75 degrees. 

Friday night, showers are likely overnight, the weather service says, but skies should clear for a sunny Saturday with a high of about 74 degrees to kick off the Memorial Day weekend.

Aside from an outside chance of rain Saturday night, the rest of the holiday weekend, Sunday and Monday, should be dry and sunny with temperatures in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s, forecasters said.

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