At long last — rain!

Pop-up thunderstorms Tuesday evening were signaling the first signs of relief from the recent heat wave as heavy rain fell in some places after several weeks of dry weather that had put Long Island into a drought watch.

Long Island baked again Tuesday during what was forecast to be the last of the days where the heat index was between 95 and 100 degrees. But the heat advisory of recent days finally ended at 8 p.m. amid storms that brought showers to several places on the Island.

Scattered storms were predicted for the region, on and off, through the night, setting the stage for Wednesday's mercifully cooler weather.

While the unsettled weather may continue into Wednesday, the heat index values should drop into the mid-80s and a nightime low in the high 60s. A predominantly dry day is expected, but there is also chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain in the afternoon, and then again at night.

Rain and storms are also possible Thursday, but, the weather service said, "Skies gradually clear through the afternoon, and temperatures will be similar to Wednesday, generally topping out in the 80s."

Sun and highs in the low 80s are forecast for Friday, and that pleasant weather should continue through at least Monday, the weather service said.

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