The Village of Westbury has received $200,000 in state funding...

The Village of Westbury has received $200,000 in state funding to resurface and improve local roads. Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

Westbury officials have amended village law to no longer require sending suspected code violators mail alerting them the village plans to seek a court-issued search warrant for their property.

The board on Thursday voted 5-0 to end the requirement, which Mayor Peter Cavallaro argued essentially alerts code violators that an investigation is underway.

Village officials usually seek permission to enter properties when they suspect homeowners of illegal activity. Compiling evidence and applying for a search warrant follows if permission is denied, but a letter had to be sent first through certified mail.

Cavallaro, an attorney, said the requirement “requires us to basically tip off people who we knew were violating our law.”

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