Westhampton Beach High School cheerleader Alexa White, 16, before the...

Westhampton Beach High School cheerleader Alexa White, 16, before the start of the school's 2016 homecoming game on Sept. 16, 2016. White suffered a broken nose three days before homecoming, but still took part in the cheering. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Westhampton Beach High School cheerleader Alexa White didn’t let the fact that she had recently broken her nose stop her from yelling, jumping and performing backflips during the school’s 2016 homecoming game Friday night.

“It doesn’t really hurt,” explained White, 16, who will be having surgery on her nose next week.

As bad as a broken nose may sound, it’s not the sort of ailment that interferes much with cheering.

“I’m still doing everything I usually do, except for any stunts,” the smiling athlete said.

She wasn’t smiling last Tuesday during practice.

“I got kneed in the face…I cried," she recalled. "The swelling was really bad, and the doctor says the bone is caved in.”

Nevertheless, the injury was not visible, even upon a close look. “That’s because I ... [used make-up] to cover my black eyes,” she admitted.

From the sideline, White cheered and yelled in unison with her teammates, and although she couldn’t take part in the stunts the team demonstrated, she was able to show off a series of backsprings.

When asked if she’d rather rest than put her face to the test, she was quite clear.

“I’m here…my team needs me," she said. "I mean, this is something I really love to do.”


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