While trying to discuss political activity in South Korea via...

While trying to discuss political activity in South Korea via webcam, Professor Robert Kelly's children charge into the room. Credit: BBC

Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed via webcam on BBC News— when the hilarious happened. 

In the midst of a serious discussion on the impeachment of South Korea's President Park Geun-hye, Kelly's young daughter marched into the room. 

"I think one of your children has just walked in, said BBC presenter James Menendez as Kelly, a political-science professor at Pusan National University, attempted to keep his composure.

A baby in a walker followed quickly behind the little girl, moments before a panicked mom rushed in to haul the two little ones out of the room. 

The adorable scene has taken over social media, quickly going viral. 

"Hard to keep a straight face," tweeted Menendez after the interview. "It was the desperate reach for the door at the end that nearly did it for me."

He also tweeted at Kelly, crediting him for keeping his composure and inviting him back to BBC — with or without his loving family.

"Is this kinda thing that goes 'viral' and gets weird?" tweeted Kelly. It seems so. 

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