GUATEMALA CITY -- Software company founder John McAfee was hospitalized Thursday after being denied political asylum in Guatemala, and his lawyers said they were making a last-ditch effort to keep him from being flown back to Belize for questioning about the killing of a fellow American expatriate.

They said they were appealing the refusal on asylum, a process that could give McAfee another day or two in Guatemala.

McAfee told The Associated Press he had chest pains overnight but didn't believe he had a heart attack. A government doctor who examined him agreed, saying heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal and he appeared to be under stress.

Belizean police spokesman Raphael Martinez said McAfee was expected to be flown back to his country's capital. Police want to question him about the killing of Gregory Viant Faull, who was shot to death in early November on the Belize island where both lived. McAfee had frequently clashed with neighbors and Belizean authorities over allegations he kept aggressive dogs, weapons and drug paraphernalia on his property.

McAfee, the creator of the McAfee anti-virus program, has led an eccentric life since he sold his stake in the software company that is named after him in the early 1990s. He moved to Belize about three years ago. -- AP

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