LONDON -- Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife got home from lunch with friends at a country pub to discover they'd forgotten 8-year-old daughter Nancy.

Nancy was fine, and was quickly reunited with her parents after they realized she was missing. But Cameron's parenting skills took a drubbing yesterday, just weeks after the government set up a program to give parents classes on how to raise young children.

Downing Street said it happened "a couple of months ago." The family was leaving a pub near Chequers, official country house for prime ministers. They, some friends and their children had gone for Sunday lunch to the Plough in the village of Cadsden. As the visit neared its conclusion, Nancy went to the bathroom.

The families piled into two cars to return to Chequers. Cameron and his wife Samantha were in separate cars and each assumed Nancy was in the other car. They realized she was missing only when they got home.

Nancy was separated from her parents for 15 minutes or so until Samantha came to get her at the pub. -- AP

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