GERMANY: Protesting decision on nukes

Tens of thousands of Germans marched through Berlin to protest their government's recent decision to extend the life of the nation's nuclear power plants by about 12 years. Demonstrators blew whistles and waved flags warning against the dangers of nuclear energy Saturday at a protest that drew Germans from across the nation to the capital. Last month, Chancellor Angela Merkel's government decided to scrap plans to shut down the nation's 17 nuclear reactors by 2021. A recent poll showed a majority of Germans oppose the legislation.

CHILE: Nation's pride: 'miner-heroes'

The survival of 33 miners trapped a half-mile underground and the government's unblinking effort to pull them out alive gave Chileans reason to be proud as they celebrated their nation's bicentennial Saturday. "These 33 miner-heroes, with their iron will, their spirit, their fight, their strength, are an example to all of us of what it means to be Chilean," Interior Ministry official Cristian Barra said as a flag signed by the miners was raised next to the tent camp where families have held vigil.

MEXICO: Nine police officers kidnapped

Gunmen kidnapped nine police officers investigating a death in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, and the bodies of two of the lawmen were found later, authorities said Saturday. Fernando Monreal Leyva, director of the State Investigative Police, said one of his agency's commanders and a team of eight agents had gone to identify and recover a body in a northern part of the state Friday. He said contact was lost with the group that afternoon, and officials learned the officers had been seized by an unknown gang of gunmen. He said the Mexican army was helping police search for the other missing officers. Several drug gangs are battling for control of smuggling routes in Guerrero state.

FRANCE: Amputee to cross English Channel

A Frenchman whose arms and legs were amputated is attempting to swim across the English Channel using leg prostheses that have flippers attached. Philippe Croizon's father said his son is making better-than-expected time in favorable wind conditions - and three dolphins even swam alongside him for a time. "We took that as a sign of good luck," Gerard Croizon told The Associated Press Saturday. Philippe Croizon, 42, set off from Folkestone on the British side of the English Channel and is expected to reach the French coastline early Sunday, after a journey that might take up to 24 hours.

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