MEXICO/Kidnapped journalists rescued

Federal police rescued two kidnapped news cameramen in northern Mexico Saturday, five days after they were seized by drug traffickers in a bid to get their employers to broadcast cartel messages. Local journalists in Mexico have long been under siege from drug traffickers, but Monday's kidnappings shocked many Mexicans. Two other journalists abducted the same day were released earlier. Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna said Javier Canales of Milenio Multimedia Television and Alejandro Hernandez of Televisa were freed before dawn Saturday in the city of Gomez Palacio, where the men had been held in a residential area. Garcia Luna said the Sinaloa drug cartel was responsible for the abductions and that the kidnappers guarding the reporters escaped. The Sinaloa drug cartel is run by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Mexico's most-wanted drug lord.Media advocates called the new tactic an escalation of a campaign by drug gangs to control information.

JAMAICA/Video: Police killed suspect

Jamaican police detained three of their own Saturday after a video surfaced allegedly showing them beating and shooting a suspect to death. Police initially reported that the man stabbed a woman to death and then attacked the officers. They were said to have acted in self-defense. That story changed after the amateur footage, recorded by an unknown eyewitness, was broadcast on several television channels the following night. Police Chief Owen Ellington said Saturday the man was apparently unarmed and subdued when he was killed. Jamaica has one of the highest rates of police killings in the Western Hemisphere, according to Amnesty International. It also has one of the world's highest murder rates. Thursday's killing took place in the town of Buckfield, about 20 miles from the resort city of Ocho Rios.

ITALY/Three killed in building collapse

An apartment building collapsed overnight and killed three people in their sleep in a town in southern Italy, police said Saturday. A 10-year-old girl survived and was able to talk to firefighters from under the rubble before she was pulled out alive after several hours, Naples deputy police chief Peolo Iodice said. It was not immediately clear why the building fell sometime after 1 a.m. in Afragola, a small town near Naples, police said. Among those killed were the girl's grandmother and a married couple, Iodice said. ANSA news agency said the couple were found in their bed, their bodies hugging. Authorities were still trying to determine if more people were missing.

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