AUSTRALIA: 130 asylum seekers saved in sinking

A crowded boat carrying asylum seekers to Australia capsized and sank Wednesday and 130 survivors and one body were recovered from the Indian Ocean, less than a week after more than 90 people drowned on a similar journey. As many as 19 people could still be missing, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the 150 people aboard the wooden fishing boat included men, women and children.

PAKISTAN: Video said to show 17 beheaded soldiers

The Taliban issued a video Wednesday that they say shows the heads of 17 Pakistani soldiers captured in a border raid from Afghanistan and beheaded. A bomb in a railway station in the southwest killed five people Wednesday, and an anti-Taliban leader was killed in Peshawar.

CANADA: Two bodies found in collapsed mall

Two bodies were recovered Wednesday in a partly collapsed Northern Ontario shopping mall. The rescue effort was renewed after angry residents shouted down fears that the unstable structure made the work too risky to continue.

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