For the 8th time in WWE history, it was time to shake things up. Every star, diva, and announcer could switch brands depending on the outcomes of inter-brand matches on tonight’s three-hour edition of Raw. Here are the results with my take:

Smackdown gets:

Kelly Kelly: One of the many divas on the WWE roster. I’ve completely lost count on the divas, but with Mickie James no longer on the roster, which diva is the face of the women’s division? Maybe Kelly Kelly can but not on the Smackdown brand?

Big Show: Shocked at this pick and once again the WWE Draft breaks up a tag team. Miz and Show are no more thanks to tonight. It’s no secret that the WWE has no tag team division, but the one tag team they did have that was legit is now gone. Big Show will do well on Smackdown, especially with Undertaker taking an extended break.

Kofi Kingston: I like Kofi going to Smackdown because I don’t think the WWE is ready to push this guy to the next level. Therefore, a move to Smackdown is fine at this point in his career where he can grow. Kingston could have a major feud with Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental title.

Christian: Another guy that could easily get lost on Raw with the galaxy of stars on the roster. I’ve been a huge fan of Christian for a long time. I’ve come to the fact that the WWE will never push this guy as a top tier star, but his move to Smackdown will at least assure him a decent spot on TV every week.

Raw gets:

John Morrison: This was a pick I predicted. Morrison is ready for the big time. I said in my Wrestlemania prediction post that he was ready for a breakout year. I thought his breakout in 2010 would begin with a tag team title win at Wrestlemania and I was wrong. A move to Raw could be a start in the right direction to proving me right. Will Morrison be in the title picture? No, unless he turns heel because there are too many top-tier faces on Raw. Morrison is over as a face and I think he could be a good heel again. Less rock star and more attitude will be the key to a successful heel turn.

Edge: Another pick I’m not really shocked about. With Triple H out of action for the next few months and no HBK, Raw could use a top-tier face right now. As we saw the way Raw ended, Edge has inserted himself in the number one contender’s spot for Cean’s title.

Chris Jericho: His move to Raw makes him the most interesting heel on the entire brand. Yes, even more interesting than Sheamus. Therefore, he will be in the main event scene shortly. If the rumors are true that Batista is very close to leaving the WWE, then Y2J becomes that much more important to Raw as a heel.

R-Truth: This was the only pick I was not crazy about. He is a guy that could easily get lost in the mix on Raw. I think Kofi Kingston was better suited for Raw than R-Truth. Unless the WWE plans to use him in a tag team with Morrison, I really don’t know what he can do. A feud with Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes might help R-Truth make his mark on the roster.

Overall: Raw ends up with the better draft, nothing new there. This was the one year that I thought Smackdown could really use the star power. With Smackdown moving to a SyFy in October later this year and Undertake absent they still lack star power. Jack Swagger is the champion on Samckdown, which means he is the face of the brand. That’s not good enough in my opinion. I don’t mind Swagger the champion (I’m still giving him time before I crap all over his title reign) but he needs a better supporting cast. I would have liked to see Randy Orton on Smackdown feuding with Swagger. That would legitimize Swagger as a champion and a big dog in the WWE.

Quick Notes:

**As I noted before, Raw always wins out on the Draft, but does stacking Raw have a different meaning now that TNA is going head-to-head with Raw on Monday night? It's food for thought.

**The 2010 Supplemental Draft is tomorrow at noon on

**Wayne Brady is the special guest host of Raw next week.

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