The cover of "The Road is Jericho: Epic Stories &...

The cover of "The Road is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J" DVD. Credit: Handout

If three hours of Raw, two hours of Smackdown and a 24/7 streaming network isn't enough to quench your wrestling thirst each week, several new WWE home video releases offer matches and other content most fans likely haven't seen in years -- if ever. Here's a look at some of them.

"The Road is Jericho: Epic Stories & Rare Matches from Y2J"

How rare are some of the matches included in this three-disc DVD set? So rare that Jericho doesn't even remember them taking place.

Indeed, Jericho's honesty about the selection of matches -- most of which he says he's never watched back -- give a sense of novelty to this compilation. But it also begs the question: How special could some of these bouts be if Jericho himself has no memory of them?

In truth, all the matches contained here are just fine, as you might expect from the six-time world champion and Manhasset native. And more than a few are exceptional, including a Raw last man standing match against Shawn Michaels from their 2008 feud. Jericho repeatedly has suggested WWE release an entire DVD dedicated to the rivalry.

As anyone who listens to his podcast would expect, Jericho's backseat comments introducing each match are insightful, humorous and candid, including several barbs at Vince McMahon and WWE's creative team.

Unfortunately, one thing Jericho does remember about a lot of these matches are the finishes. And, strangely, the set includes Jericho's spoilers in many of his pre-match comments.

"The Destruction of the Shield"

WWE Network subscribers may already have seen this top-notch documentary released last summer. But given how much Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have progressed in their singles career since Destruction was produced, it may deserve a second look.

The documentary tracks the individual careers of each Shield member, including Rollins' rise through Ring of Honor as Tyler Black, Ambrose's success on the independent circuit as John Moxley, and Reigns' family legacy in wrestling.

Most compelling in this DVD are the insights shared on Rollins' time in WWE's developmental system. Determined and confident to a flaw, it was clear even then Rollins someday would be wearing the WWE world championship at the conclusion of a WrestleMania.

This DVD features number of matches most fans likely haven't seen before, including many from WWE's defunct developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. Among them: a triple-threat match pitting Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns against each other.

"John Cena: Greatest Rivalries"

It may have been a fair criticism years ago, but anyone who still chants "You can't wrestle!" at John Cena would be well advised to check out this three-disc set. It aims to document some of Cena's most intense feuds, but also serves as a reminder of how far Cena has come since joining WWE 13 years ago.

Among the gems included: a 2002 match for the Ohio Valley Wrestling championship between Leviathan and Prototype. The same two men would go on to headline WrestleMania 26 eight years later under their more recognizable names, Batista and John Cena.

While some of the feuds highlighted on this set may have overstayed their welcome (Does anyone need to see Cena vs. Randy Orton ever again?), others bring back fond memories. They include the near hour-long rematch between Cena and Shawn Michaels on Raw, weeks after their WrestleMania 23 main event, and a fun parking lot brawl between Cena and Eddie Guerrero from a 2003 edition of Smackdown.

The matches are buttressed by insights from Cena on how each of his most famous opponents impacted his career.

"True Giants"

Far removed from the propaganda and revisionism that usually passes for a WWE historical documentary, "True Giants" provides an educational, interesting and even touching look back at some of the biggest men ever to grace a wrestling ring.

The three-disc set covers most of the WWE giants you might expect, including Andre The Giant, The Big Show and The Great Khali. But, refreshingly, it also includes profiles on several important big men many modern fans may not be familiar with, such as Haystacks Calhoun and "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd.

Making "True Giants" extra special are the new, exclusive interviews with several of the famous behemoths, including "Sycho" Sid and Vader, as well as memorials by some of the gargantuan legends' former colleagues. Harvey Whippleman's tribute to his late friend and protégé, Jorge "Giant" Gonzalez, was as heartfelt as anything you'll see in WWE.

The two other discs are packed with many rare matches featuring the profiled giants. Among them: a 1985 World Class Championship Wrestling Match between One Man Gang and a very young Shawn Michaels.