Ever since I did a blog post on Smackdown moving to SyFy later this year, I’ve been thinking about WWE programming and the production value for Raw, Smackdown, and pay-per-views. People like to bash the WWE for a lot of things and sometimes it’s warranted. Although you have to admit, they do a great job with making the arenas look good and all their highlight reels are top notch (The Undertaker/HBK promo from Wrestlemania 26 was the best I have ever seen). There’s one thing missing from all this programming: WHERE IS JIM ROSS????!!!!

You can read JR’s blog on his website for the reason why he has not been seen on TV in what feels like forever. In short, he became ill and left the WWE for a while. He recovered and feels great but his contract with the WWE is up and the two parties are now negotiating a new deal. JR’s updates on his negotiations feel like a roller coaster. In one update he says he is sure things will get done eventually, the next update he hits you with ‘I don’t ever think I will be calling matches weekly.’ Bottom line, it’s not the same without him. It was bad when he was replaced on Raw with Michael Cole and sent to Smackdown. Now the fans of the WWE just want him back and it doesn’t matter what show he calls.

Wrestlemania did not feel the same without him. According to the Wrestling Observer, both Undertaker and Shawn Michaels requested JR to call their match. By the way, JR was in attendance as a fan that night. Instead, when we look back at that classic match we will have the voices of Cole and Matt Striker. Thanks a lot Vince McMahon.

There is no one better than JR. I’m not even saying ‘arguably JR is the best ever.’ There’s no argument, he’s the best and for the WWE to cast him off leaving the fans without JR is wrong not to mention it’s hurting that “great” WWE programming. No one tells a story like JR. No one puts a guy over like JR and no one brings the intensity that JR carries. He truly loves what he does. I’m not saying Cole doesn’t, but he sure doesn’t show it like JR.

It’s just insane how the WWE inducted this man into the Hall of Fame and finally showed how much they appreciated his work. Then they send him to Smackdown and now may never let him call matches on a weekly basis. Good job, WWE.

JR's voice is the back-drop for so many great highlights over the last 15 years.We better cherish those highlights as it looks like they are his last for the WWE.

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