Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson yells into the microphone during a...

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson yells into the microphone during a news conference after Gov. Chris Christie announced that WrestleMania is coming to MetLife Stadium in 2013. (Feb. 16, 2012) Credit: AP

11:11: Rock pulled a Cena and exited the ring after he said his peace. It was effective when Cena did it last week, but the Rock left Cena in the ring alone and he thrived. He mimicked Rock with bogus notes on his wrist and then hit hard with strong words driving home the point that he has to win at Wrestlemania. Even though Cena didn't dust off one of his raps as I had hoped, he came very close slamming The Rock with diss after diss. For the second straight week, Cena got the better of The Rock.

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11:02: A "Tooth Fairy" chant broke out. I guess there are some fans in Boston supporting Cena.

10:53: Cena comparing The Rock to Mike "The Situation" from "Jersey Shore." Ouch. Cena off to a good start.

10:49: Time for the Rock-Cena facoff. Cena got the best of Rocky last week, but Rock's entertaining "history lessons" around Boston have owned Cena's empty-arena promo. But let's see what happens when the two go before the live crowd.

10:46: Travesty. Of. Epic. Proportions. Looks like Orton vs. Kane at Wrestlemania is a reality. Last year, Orton faced Punk. How does Punk go on to one of the main events and Orton gets stuck with Kane? Don't get me wrong, I like Kane, but Orton was rumored to win the Royal Rumble this year before he got hurt. I don't know id the WWE got the memo, but Orton is back and healthy.  

10:42: If the WWE waste Randy Orton at Wrestlemania in a match against Kane, that would be a travesty of epic proportions. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it would not sit well.

10:34: Rock trying to weave the Revolutionary War into this feud is really not doing it for me. Can he just throw more Cena shirts into the Boston Harbor?

10:28: Miz loses in a minute to the Big Show. WOW. Yes, that is the same Miz that won the main event at Wrestlemania last year over Cena. 

10:26: Let's play a game: How will the WWE bury the Miz this week? Ohhhhh, look here comes the Big Show.

10:23: Rock delivering another entertaining promo, this time in front of a Paul Revere statue. The first promo had a point. The second one had no point, but still fun. Anytime the Rock sings, you have to love it.... Kind of like when Cena raps. Loved those as well, but it's been a year since we last heard one. Would be a good time to dust off the lyrics and tear into the Rock.

10:15: Good action-packed match with Jericho picking up the pinfall over Punk. Still don't see Jericho beating Punk at Wrestlemania.

10:13: Cole mentioning, once again, that Jericho is the only man to beat Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night for the WWE title. When is the WWE going to produce a shirt with that line?

10:07: Usually opponents in a Wrestlemania title match don't have as many matches before Wrestlemania as Sheamus and Bryan have had recently. Let's not forget, we still have four more Smackdowns till 'Mania. It's not necessarily a bad thing as long as Sheamus and Bryan deliver a solid match come April 1.

10:04: CM Punk and Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan. Calling Randy Orton! Time to insert yourself into the Bryan-Sheamus match at Wrestlemania.

9:59: reading some anti-Rock comments on the social media circuit. One person didn't like Rock's comment that he is "starting a revolution" against Cena. The gentleman on Facebook can't see how a guy who has only wrestled one match in eight years can start a revolution.

Another anti-Rock comment had to do with his constant insults, which usually involve comparing Cena with an animal or an animal body part.

9:53: WWE lets Rock throw Cena merchandise in Boston Harbor for his promo. WWE lets Cena deliver a promo in an empty area. Is that fair? WWE is letting Rock have all the fun. At least Cena is not getting booes by the hometown fans.

9:50: Zack Ryder goes from main eventing with John Cena to hooking up with Eve Torres. Not bad for a guy who's only claim to fame in the WWE was a show on the internet.

9:45: Teasing a very serious John Cena next on Raw. Not a fan of the "serious Cena." We need the Cena that cut an intense promo last week on the Rock: short, sweet and to the point. Need a refresher, click here.

9:43: Trying to confirm is the Rock had notes on his wrist while cutting this week's promo. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this out.

9:40: Rock throwing Cena merchandise into Boston Harbor. Best part of this promo, Rock is hysterical as he throws this stuff in the river. 

9:35: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the U.S. Title was relevant.

9:32: This segment between Long and Laurinaitis is a train wreck, but some what enjoyable. Santino is the new United States Champion. That title was one time very prestigious. Not so much right now after this match.

9:31: Good point by fellow Steel Cage blogger Seth Mates on Twitter, if Triple H is the COO of the WWE, how didn't he know about Michaels being named the special guest referee.

9:25: Lawler and Cole are really playing up this Teddy Long-John Laurinaitis feud. Both now ringside for this match. Remember, Long is in charge of Raw this week. I really hope these two don't face each other in a match at Wrestlemania and take the place of Lawler vs. Cole from last year.

9:23: How do you follow up a hot start to Raw? Santino vs. U.S. Champion Jack Swagger. Nice way to bring the crowd back down to earth.

9:20: If the Hell in the Cell stipulation wasn't enough, a Wrestlemania appearance by Michaels. The WWE has found ways to work HBK into the two Wrestlemania's despite being retired.

9:18: And there it is, HBK announces he is the special guest referee. Not a shocker. People were speculating that HBK would be the referee for last year' Wrestlemania match between Triple H and 'Taker.

9:17: Man, HBK could be an actor. Playing the tweener role very well right now.

9:13: HBK really antagonizing Triple H right now. No one does it better and that's why we love HBK and miss him dearly on Raw.

9:10: Boston fans starting with "Undertaker" chants.

9:05: Here comes Triple H. Interesting to see what the dynamic is between these two. Do they make up or keep their personal rivalry going?

9:04: Boston showing lots of love for Michaels with "HBK" chants. Now on to business, talking about Triple H and their face-to-face confrontation.

9:01: Raw starting off in a big way. Shawn Michaels making his way to the ring.

With Wrestlemania 28 less than four weeks away it just seems like a good idea to live blog "Monday Night Raw," which is taking place at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk and Chris Jericho are all advertised to be on the show tonight, which promises to be a huge stepping stone toward Wrestlemania.

Michaels is expected to confront Triple H on his recent comments that he is better than the Hall of Famer. In an interview with WWE.com, Michaels explained that he, in fact, is the better of the two. What role does the Undertaker play? He was originally advertised for Raw, but has since been removed from those ads. Would be nice to see all three in the ring.

Raw is taking place about 45 miles south of John Cena's hometown of West Newbury, Massachusetts. Does that mean he will have more supporters in the crowd than usual? Not likely. Last week, I felt Cena got the upper hand in a heated promo with The Rock. Expect more of that tonight and maybe a little physicality.

Last week's Raw opened with an intense faceoff between WWE Champion CM Punk and his Wrestlemania opponent, Chris Jericho. Punk got the better of the promo, but it was Jericho who was left standing after he assaulted Punk following his match with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Speaking of Bryan, he is set to face Royal Rumble winner Sheamus at Wrestlemania, however, with Randy Orton back from injury expect "The Viper" to insert himself into this feud.

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