Professional wrestler Randy Orton gives his opponent, Kane, a reverse...

Professional wrestler Randy Orton gives his opponent, Kane, a reverse chin lock in the ring during a WWE Smackdown event on Jan. 12, 2009. Credit: David Gunn/WWE

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Alfonso: Randy Orton

I believe WWE has already begun advertising a three-way world title match at Extreme Rules with Orton taking on Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. So it looks like this match will be one and done, in which case it makes no sense to put Kane over. Orton hits the RKO and makes relatively quick work out of the Big Red Monster.

Anthony: Randy Orton

I have given this feud no love and rightfully so, however, this was supposed to be Orton vs. Wade Barrett before Barrett went down with an injury. Since Orton is probably heading into the title picture on Smackdown, a win seems more fitting for him. It’s no big deal if Kane takes a loss at Wrestlemania. The guy has lost many big matches before and it never seems to hurt his character. RKO and done in a 12-minute match.

Seth: Randy Orton

"Hey, we've got two main-event guys left with nothing to do; let's put them in a match." I'll guess Orton goes over because Kane doesn't need to.

Josh: Randy Orton

Very little buildup to this match. Look for WWE to place this between one of the main events to give the fans a break. This is filler.