Each participant of the six pack challenge this Sunday at Night of Champions has a good chance to walk out with the WWE Title. I’m going to make a case for each man on why they can walk out as the champion.

Sheamus (Current WWE Champion): Sheamus has been the number one heel on Raw for most of this year and has done a great job. Usually, young heels that are thrown into the main event scene are not as successfully as he has been. His heat has increased each and every week and with top heels severely lacking on Raw, there is no reason fix something that isn’t broke.

John Cena: Do I really have to give you reasons why this man could walk out of the pay per view as champion? He’s Superman; Mr. WWE; the face of the company. If that’s not enough consider this – If you look at the WWE’s title history dating back to September 2009 the title holders have been Cena, Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Cena, Batista, Cena, Sheamus. If you’re one for patterns, then Cena is your man to walk out with the title. He’s a safe choice for the WWE if they don’t want to do anything drastic. The man is the face of the company and anytime he has the title you know he will bring it each and every week. It pains me to say that, but it’s true.

Wade Barrett: Probably the number two legit heel on Raw at the moment. Barrett looks to be a star for many years to come and he could be on the fast track for the WWE Title, much like Sheamus. It’s safe to assume a lot of people are expecting him to hand out a lot punishment in the match, but not win the title. After all, he’s the only man in this match never to hold the WWE Title. If the WWE wants to go the shocking route, he’s the perfect man to win this match. Barrett winning the title will also restore a lot of power back to the Nexus as a fearsome group on Raw.

Chris Jericho: I never count out Chris Jericho on nights like this. Remember, he’s the one guy who beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to become the undisputed WWE Champion. I actually like Jericho’s odds in this match since it’s elimination style. It fits his character to camp out and wait for his time to strike. Jericho had to do a lot to get back into this match thanks to the Raw GM and it seems he’s on a collision course with the GM. If he were to win the title it would be a great way to stick it in the face of the GM and maybe get them GM to revel him/herself. I like the mini feud between Y2J and the GM and I hope it continues. If you bring the WWE Title into this feud it all of a sudden becomes much more important.

Edge: He was once the best heel in the entire WWE, but he’s been quite for a while. Once way to catapult Edge back to the top would be to win the title. There’s no doubt Edge could still be a number one heel on Raw. I miss the Edge that was champion in 2007 and 2008. Edge and Jericho have had a bond over the last few months and if they decide to team up and eliminate a few of the others they could be business.

Randy Orton: The odds on favorite and the man with more momentum than any other competitor in the match. Is it just a matter of time till he wins the title? Or is the WWE setting us up for another disappointing loss? It’s hard not to think Orton’s going to win the title. He’s gotten the best of John Cena the last few weeks and no one ever does that to Superman one-on-one. We’ve seen Orton clear the ring on Raw a few times the last few weeks which shows he will have no problem facing five other guys at Night of Champions. I just can’t see Orton getting pinned to the mat. The WWE has done a tremendous job building The Viper up for me to believe he could be pinned by anyone of these guys.

I’ll be back with my predictions for Night of Champions tomorrow.