Monitor Long Island’s economic indicators and latest coverage here. An indicator is a data point used to interpret and help judge the overall health of an economy. It’s a snapshot based on government-collected numbers analyzed to see how a region, in this case Long Island, compares with both itself and other places nearby and nationally over time.

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Unemployment rate

Not seasonally adjusted. According to the latest annual data available, New York unemployment rate is 4.6%, Nassau County unemployment rate is 3.1% and Suffolk County unemployment rate is 3.4%.

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Household income distribution – Nassau County

Inflation adjusted.

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Household income distribution – Suffolk County

Inflation adjusted. 

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Median household income

Inflation-adjusted. According to the latest ACS data available from 2022, New York median income is $95,866, Nassau County median income is $136,984 and Suffolk County median income is $119,838.

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Average annual wage

Wages have inched up on Long Island, but at a lower rate than in Westchester or Manhattan. According to the latest data available, New York average annual wage is $157,265.33, Nassau County average annual wage is $74,458.67 and Suffolk County average annual wage is $72,470.67.

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Annual wage growth

Indexed to 2004

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