Hey, look at that! Joe Girardi pulled A.J. Burnett before he blew up - Burnett lasted 5 2/3 innings - and the result was a Yankees victory

I don't see how the Yankees can hope for much more than that from Burnett. If they actually need to start him in the playoffs, they should keep exhibiting the quick trigger. With their strong bullpen and offense, it might actually work. It might have worked in Game 4 of last year's ALCS.

--Freddy Garcia can't throw his splitter due to his cut finger. More interesting to me is that Garcia still won't divulge exactly how he sustained the injury. What could he possibly have been doing that would cause him to be this reticent? There's Top 10 list possibilities there.

--Before the Mets' win at San Diego, Terry Collins said that he wants to work with Jose Reyes on controlling his playing time in terms of maximizing output.

It sounds great, in theory. But if Collins' stated goal is to get Reyes in 155 games...how in the world does that happen? There isn't much time off in that scenario. While Reyes put together an impressive, four-year run of durability, that run concluded in 2008, when Reyes played in 159 games. I don't know if we'll see Reyes get anywhere near that number, ever again.

--Finally, another draft signing deadline is behind us, and not surprisingly, the Mets signed their top pick Brandon Nimmo. The big winners seemed to be the Nationals, who spent over $16 million on amateur talent, according to Ben Goessling (thanks, Twitter), but as Baseball America reports, many teams spent liberally.

With all the money spent around the industry, I'm sure that Bud Selig will express his frustrations to the owners during the meetings later this week. Meh. These amateur deals, to me, are better risks than many of the veteran free-agent signings, when you consider that the dollar figures are so much lower tor the former group.

MLB, in the collective bargaining negotiations for last year, badly wants to set up some sort of official slotting system for the draft, meaning, "We don't trust ourselves to be discplined, so we need to formally restrain ourselves." The players are understandably opposed. 

--Finally, it looks like I can read the blog comments again. I'm back in action.

--Have a great day.



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