American League's David Price, of the Tampa Bay Rays, delivers...

American League's David Price, of the Tampa Bay Rays, delivers against the National League during the second inning of the MLB All-Star baseball game. (July 10, 2012) Credit: AP

David Price, the reigning Cy Young winner, isn’t exactly a favorite among Yankee fans, considering he’s one of the elite pitchers in the AL East. But Price further annoyed them this week, first by criticizing the Yankees’ personal-grooming policy – no beards – and then saying he’d never sign a long-term deal there because of it.

As a result, Price said his Twitter feed (@DAVIDprice14) blew up with nasty comments from Yankee fans. “I can’t even repeat them,” he said.

On the flip side, not all New Yorkers crushed him. There is another team in town, and that one doesn’t have a policy against facial hair.

“I heard from the Mets fans, too,” Price said. “They were like, ‘Come here, come here!’”

No need to get all hysterical in Flushing just yet. Price won’t be a free agent until after the 2015, and you would expect the Mets to have some cash to spend by then. Otherwise, with the Rays unlikely to have the money for a Price extension – think $200 million – they could always trade him, and there’s no way he’ll be moved within the division.

Shipping him to the Mets, however, would limit his exposure to the Rays – and be a good way to irritate the Yankees as an added bonus. At this point, however, the Mets don’t have enough organizational depth to trade for Price, so they may just have to start saving up for 2016.

Another aside: Price has the same agent as R.A. Dickey – Bo McKinnis – so there is some familiarity there, even if the two sides were unable to keep the other 2012 Cy Young winner in Queens.

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