A photo from the verified twitter account of Mets director...

A photo from the verified twitter account of Mets director of media relations Jay Horwitz (@Jay_HorwitzPR) shows that no members of the Mets will be attending the Rangers game Wednesday night. (May 7, 2013) Credit: Twitter

The Mets may take forever to win a baseball game, but give them this: they're quick with a joke.

Or at least their longtime director of media relations is.

Jay Horwitz, the team's PR guru since 1980, set off a mini firestorm on Tuesday after jokingly tweeted that Matt Harvey would be allowed to miss Wednesday's game in order to attend the Rangers playoff game at Madison Square Garden. Horwitz said the Rangers were 6-0 with Harvey in attendance. Morning radio show hosts and some online outlets were quick to jump on Horwitz, Harvey and the Mets, taking the tweet seriously and thinking Harvey was abandoning his team.

After it was revealed to be a joke, Horwitz, instead of apologizing, kept the joke up. That continued into Wednesday afternoon when he tweeted a picture of a sign-up sheet (above) indicating no members of the Mets would indeed be attending the Rangers game.

And yes, Matt Harvey signed it.

Here's a timeline of the joke from Horwitz's twitter account:

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