Jose Reyes of the Miami Marlins looks on from the...

Jose Reyes of the Miami Marlins looks on from the dugout during a game against the Atlanta Braves at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Fla. (March 13, 2012) Credit: Getty

The Mets saw Jose Reyes for the first time since Reyes joined the Marlins. The unbalanced schedule makes it particularly interesting when a player changes teams within his division, and I wonder if Reyes' frequent visits to Citi Field in a Marlins uniform will ever feel normal for Mets fans.

Johnny Damon came to Fenway Park for nine games a year with the Yankees from 2006 through 2009, right after he left the Red Sox, and it felt like the fans hated him just as much in the last game of '09 as they did in the first game of '06.

I wonder what it was like last year for Lance Berkman, going back to Houston so often in a Cardinals uniform. But then again, that's going on the presumption that there are still Astros fans out there.

--Freddy Garcia will probably miss a turn in the Yankees' starting rotation after taking a ball to his right hand. This puts him further behind in a race he already trailed. If all six Yankees starting pitchers are healthy, Garcia would be a long reliever.

--Speaking of the Yankees' starting rotation, Michael Pineda showed off an improved changeup, but his fastball velocity is still not up to where it should be. As Mark Herrmann writes, this remains a point of concern. Joe Girardi could be right - Pineda might just need more time - yet what they've seen with the velocity has to be discouraging.

--Pineda pitched against the Nationals in Viera, and in that game, former Yankee Chien-Ming Wang had to leave after straining his left hamstring on a defensive play. Tough break for the eminently likeable Wang, and on the flip side, Long Island native John Lannan might have a job again in Washington's starting rotation.

--Brian McNamee spoke about steroids to a group of Long Island guidance counselors and school administrators, Jim Baumbach reports. McNamee is about a month away from re-entering the public spotlight, as the government will try for a second time to convict Roger Clemens. We'll see if the government attorneys can actually make it to the calling of witnesses this time without prompting a mistrial.

--Chase Utley has yet to play in a Grapefruit League game because of right knee issues, while Roy Halladay's velocity is down. The Phillies are an old group, aren't they?

--Great piece by's Jayson Stark on the extremely well-traveled Octavio Dotel. Thanks to MLB Trade Rumors for the link.

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