Name the longtime former general manager who appeared as himself in the 1953 film "Big Leaguer." As a helpful hint, he was a scout -- not yet a GM -- at the time of the movie's release.


Players with team options for 2012

Robinson Cano, Yankees. The team will gladly pay him $14 million (against a $2-million buyout) next year, rather than setting him loose into free agency.

Nick Swisher, Yankees. Since he appears back to his old, good self, the Yankees likely will pay him $10.25 million (against a $1-million buyout) to come back next year.

Aramis Ramirez, Cubs. He's putting the heat on the Cubs, who have a $16-million option (against a $2-million buyout) on him, to bring him back.

Players who can opt out this winterCC Sabathia, Yankees. The strong bet is he'll wind up back with the Yankees, one way or another.

Rafael Soriano, Yankees. His late-season surge turns up the intrigue, but will he really turn down $11 million from the Yankees next year?

Ryan Dempster, Cubs. He has a $14-million player option for 2012. He could get less per year, but a higher total, in the open market.

Quote of the week: "Even though it's a misunderstanding, it's something that shouldn't have happened." Joe Torre, baseball's executive vice president of baseball operations, regarding Dana DeMuth's botched ruling on Billy Butler's home run against the Yankees.

Pop quiz answer

Al Campanis. Thanks to Bob Buscavage of Moriches for the suggestion.

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