You think the Mets erred in signing Jason Bay for $16 million a season? Reconsider  before drawing that conclusion. You might look foolish in a few weeks. No one can say   that Bay was just a good player in the American League with the Red Sox. Remember, he was terrific in the National League with the Pirates. His career average is .279 with 32 home runs and 106 runs batted in. He has one homer, 15 RBIs and is batting .264 for the Mets. 

Be concerned about the homers if you want--Bay wasn't going to hit 30 with half the  games in Citi Field-- but his average and run production will come. No, the Red Sox did not know something no one else did in letting Bay leave. This was a player the Mets had to have and, in the long run, his numbers will justify the signing.