1. Mets fans will be really ticked off. In some ways, the success of this season now depends on the Mets making the playoffs. In many Mets fans' minds, getting Lee would almost guarantee a playoff spot. So to not get him -- and to have the Yankees get him -- is a double shot to the gut.

2. In reality, the Mets' only chance of acquiring Lee was probably to hope every other suitor doesn't meet the asking price and then swoop in, like they did in the Johan Santana deal. Apparently, that isn't going to happen here because the Mariners are getting good offers, better than the ones the Mets are willing to do.

3. The Mets will have to look elsewhere to improve their pitching. Back to Roy Oswalt? Ted Lilly? The cost should be lower than for Lee, which could make the Mets more likely candidates to complete a deal here. The smart money is on Omar Minaya getting a good starting pitcher before the July 31 deadline. At this moment, it won't be Cliff Lee.