Ike Davis #29 of the New York Mets makes the...

Ike Davis #29 of the New York Mets makes the last out of the game against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field. (May 11, 2010) Credit: Getty/Nick Laham

The potential final out of last night's 8-6 Mets win over the Nationals, a foul pop off the bat of Ian Desmond, was descending from the sky. First baseman Ike Davis tracked it to the railing in front of the Mets' dugout and jumped in after it as a collective thought raced around Citi Field:

"He's gonna do it again!"

For the third time in just under three weeks, Davis made a catch, then tumbled headfirst over the railing. He did it April 21, he did it May 7, and he did it again last night to end a come-from-behind Mets win.

"That was a little more scary because it was the deep part of the dugout," Davis said. "I realized as I jumped, 'I hope somebody catches me this time.' "

Multiple Mets secured Davis after he caught the ball and injury was avoided. The first time he did it, his teammates couldn't get to him because of a concrete barrier; the second time, some Mets broke his fall.

"I knew he was going to try it," said Alex Cora, who was playing second base. "I think the dugout's got it down already that we're going to try to save him."

Manager Jerry Manuel was asked if he worries about Davis' safety when he's going head over heels to make a play.

"It obviously looks like he's done it before," he said.

Said Cora: "Trying to get outs, man. If you get a shot at it, you go for it. It's like any other play. Just more dangerous. We're pretty good athletes. I think athleticism is going to take over. The three times he's done it, forget people helping him out, he was going to be fine. He seems like he knows where he's at and he knows what he's doing."

The game-ending catch was Davis' main highlight, but he almost had another big one. He nearly hit a grand slam in the eighth inning after the Mets had scored six times to take the lead. His long, high drive to right off Miguel Batista was ruled just foul and upheld after the umpires viewed instant replay.

"Hitting a grand slam - that would have been awesome," said Davis, who went 0-for-5 with a run scored and an RBI and is batting .288.

"It was fair for a while and it kind of hooked," he said. "They said it was pretty close. But they got it right. It was a foul ball. I wish they didn't get it right. But they got it right."