New York Mets left fielder Jason Bay (44) watches his...

New York Mets left fielder Jason Bay (44) watches his ground rule double in the bottom of the fourth inning against the Houston Astros at Citi Field. (April 21, 2011) Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

Jason Bay made his 2011 debut last Thursday, and he burned all the energy involved with an inside-the-park home run but little of the statistical glory.

Still, that four-base error gets him some credit in the Mets Run Factor (explain below the chart). In Bay's four games, he was taken over the MRF lead.

Jason Bay4173311.250.294
David Wright2297181451.227.278
Ike Davis2291111841.136.275
Jason Pridie3121311.000.250
Jose Reyes2210416610.955.202
Carlos Beltran217913930.905.241
Daniel Murphy19536810.684.245
Willie Harris20597710.650.220
Angel Pagan19827610.632.146
Mike Nickeas5201310.600.120
Scott Hairston17314510.471.258
Josh Thole19673400.368.104
Justin Turner4101000.250.100
Lucas Duda8201100.250.100
Brad Emaus14422100.214.071
Chin-Lung Hu11122000.182.167

What is the Mets Run Factor? 

The Mets Run Factor is a fairly simple statistical metric. It takes the "Runs produced" sabermetric created by Bill James and divides it in two different ways.

Equation 1

The first equation is R + RBI - HR / G = Runs produced per game, as indicated in the chart above as MRF/G.

Equation 2

The second equation is R + RBI - HR / PA = Runs produced per plate appearance, as indicated in the chart above as MRF/PA.

The Mets Run Factor is updated every Monday | Past Mets Run Factor reports.