Jeff Wilpon flew to Atlanta to meet with his general manager and manager. This does not usually happen with good teams that are playing well, so it was natural for everyone who follows this team to assume that Jerry Manuel is officially on notice  despite the denial from Wilpon.

Perhaps the Mets' mishandling of Willie Randolph's dismissal nearly two years ago means that, if Manuel is going to be dismissed, Wilpon will be out front and clearly the one calling the shots, instead of dispatching Omar Minaya for a cross-country firing late after a game in Anaheim.

Or, perhaps Wilpon is simply assessing things up close and hearing about the team first-hand from Manuel and Minaya.

Of course, the Mets will be home to play the Yankees on Friday, so Wilpon could have waited until then. Which means it's hard to ignore the ominous signs all around Manuel, despite last night's well-played win.