10:45 -- We'll be back-back-back-back tomorrow night (had to get one last awful Berman line in) to bring you live coverage with the All-Star Game Live Blog.  Goodnight!!! 

10:40 -- Ortiz becomes the first member of the Red Sox to win the Derby.  For each home run State Farm donated $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and $17,000 for each home run with the gold ball used on the final out of each at-bat.  The total came to $573,000.  Between the Derby and the LeBron "Decision" it's been a good week for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

10:30 -- One final Berman line.  Ramirez hit a home run into the rocks and waterfall beyond the centerfield fence and Berman said, "They asked him how he'd like his home runs...'I'll have it on the rocks he says.' "  Can't wait to see what he has lined up for us next year.

When Ramirez had four homers with six outs, Ortiz came out to offer him a drink and towell him off.  I don't know what was in the drink but Ramirez hit just one more homer from that point on to finish with five in the round, six behind David Ortiz, who wins the 2010 Home Run Derby. 

10:18 -- Ortiz had four homers before making his first out and had eight before making his second out.  He finishes with 11 home runs in the round, which could be enough to win the Derby.  Why didn't Yankee bench coach Tony Pena, who is pitching to Ortiz, to start throwing him some breaking balls?  Lets see what Ramirez has left.

10:05 -- With an hour and a half between at-bats, Hart goes from hitting 13 in the first round to hitting zero in the second.  I don't understand why they switch the batting orders for the first and second rounds.  Hanley Ramirez versus David Ortiz in the final.

9:57 -- After hitting three quick homers, Ramirez followed five straight outs with five straight homers.  When he was down to his final out and facing elimination, he hit four straight to bring his total to 12 for the round and 21 total to tie Ortiz.  If necessary, the two will have a swing-off (still unsure exactly what this entails) to determine who will advance to the final.  Corey Hart needs at least eight homers to stay alive. 

9:45 -- Cabrera hits just five homers to finish with 12 total, bringing his night to an end.  Perhaps the Triple Crown at the end of the season will make a nice consolation gift.

9:35 -- Ortiz kicks off the second round and could be a safe bet for the final round.  He hits 13 home runs to life his total to 21.   

Some suggestions to help spice up the Home Run Derby next year: 1) Make the participants run the bases after every home run.  2) Allow the kids chasing fly balls in the outfield to rob home runs at the fence.  3) Put the actual AL and NL All-Star teams in the outfield and allow them rob home runs.

9:20 -- Cabrera advances with ease.  He hit seven home runs and will join Hart, Ramirez, and Ortiz in the second round.  Totals carry over to the second round so Hart has a four-homer advantage over Ramirez, five over Ortix, and six over Cabrera .  Said Berman on one of Cabrera's homers: "There's a helicopter up there and it almost hits it."

9:10 -- Will Ferrell now in the booth.  Must be some kind of shameless movie plug.  The rumor was that Angel Stadium would benefit lefthanded hitters in the Derby but so far the two leaders are both righthanded.  Hanley Ramirez trails only Hart after hitting nine home runs, including a 472 footer.  Swisher has officially been eliminated.  Miguel Cabrera will close out the first round, he needs at least five home runs to have a shot at advancing.  In theatres soon, "The Other Guys," starring Will Ferrell.    

8:58 -- It wasn't long ago that people in Boston were considering waiving David Ortiz, or "Jose Ortiz" as Bobby Valentine calls him, after he hit just .143 with one home run and four RBIs in the month of April.  Now here he is, an All-Star and a participant in the Home Run Derby.  Ortiz moves into second after hitting eight home runs, his longest being 440 feet.  Hanley Ramirez come on down.

8:48 -- Matt Holliday seemed like he had somewhere else to be, flew through his outs, and had just one home run when he was down to his final out.  He then hit five straight, including a 497-foot shot, to finish with six home runs and pass Swisher.  David Ortiz on deck.

8:40 -- A-Rod in the booth for Swisher's turn.  Swisher, batting lefthanded, barely got a piece of his first cut and foul tipped in behind the plate, much to the delight of Robinson Cano in the dugout.  We will chalk it up to first pitch jitters.  Swish recovered from his near embarassment to hit four home runs with an average distance of 412 feet, his longest being 440 feet.  Not sure if it will be enough to make it to the next round.  More time for him to go catch some waves with his surfboard.

8:30 -- We officially have some home runs in this Home Run Derby.  Corey Hart put on a show, using the entire field.  He hit five in a row with only one out and finished with 13 in the first round.  Perhaps the Derby title will be remaining in Milwaukee after all. 

One of the best aspects of the Derby is seeing how ridiculous Chris Berman's calls are.  The leader so far tonight came on Hart's longest home run of 464 feet when Berman said,  "This one is on it's way to San Juan Capistrano."  I wonder if he has a list written out.  Nick Swisher coming up.

8:25 -- Vernon Wells follows with just two home runs and one may have been assisted by a fan.  So far the kids roaming the outfield have provided the most entertainment.  Not the best start for the Derby but there is still plenty of time remaining. 

8:20 -- Chris Young leads things off but hits just one home run.  He seemed to rush in the beginning then tried to slow things down when he was making out after out.  Good luck  with that swing in the second half, Chris.

8:10 -- Bo Jackson throws out the first pitch.  The guy hasn't aged a day.

8:05 -- Other than the boos for Nick Swisher and David Ortiz, the crowd was indifferent towards the participants as they were announced.  It's hardly a star-studded lineup. 

My dream Home Run Derby for this season would have consisted of: Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Alex Rodriguez, Adam Dunn, Josh Hamilton, Jose Bautista (only because I don't think he is for real and he could be exposed) and honorary participant Ken Griffey Jr..  I know hes retired and probably wouldn't hit many but it sure would be fun to watch.

7:55 -- Mike Gavin here to bring you live coverage of the Home Run Derby.

My predictions:  Hanley Ramirez wins the Derby and Chris Young's swing is destroyed for the second half of the season.  One of our announcer for this evening's Derby, Bobby Valentine, just predicted that JOSE Ortiz would win.  Interesting.

The beginning of the Home Run Derby from Angel Stadium in Anaheim is just minutes away...