Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout races from home, as...

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout races from home, as he hits a triple against the Seattle Mariners in the fourth inning. (May 21, 2013) Credit: AP

One American League MVP candidate just left the Bronx. Another arrives Monday night.

Yep, it's time for Miguel Cabrera vs. Mike Trout, old school vs. new school, Round 2.

The arguments are similar to last year.

Cabrera plays for a (likely) playoff-bound team and is one of the game's best hitters. Heck, he hit two home runs off Mariano Rivera in back-to-back appearances by the greatest closer to set foot on the mound.

Mike Trout? Leads MLB in Wins Above Replacement (again), an all-encompassing advanced stat, and has a more complete all-around game than Cabrera (batting, base running, defense).

Explore the players' stats side-by-side and then vote in our poll to tell us who you think the MVP should be (Yes, there's plenty of time left, but it never hurts to take a temperature).

  Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera
Team record (division rank) 53-63 (4th place) 69-47 (1st place)
Batting average .330 .365
On-base percentage .425 .459
Slugging percentage .572 .686
Home runs 20 36
RBIs 73 110
Runs 82 85
Wins Above Replacement 7.8 7.3
Stolen bases 26 3
Base running runs above average 6.6 0.2
Ultimate Zone Rating 2.2 -10.6

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