Pretty quiet pre-game here at the Trop. Joe Girardi talked at length about his philosophy regarding bullpen usage, which I suspect was his attempt to spread some goodwill to the New York after media following last night's testy, post-game exchange. 

I might use his comments for my column tonight. Just please do me a solid and don't tell the competition.

--Nick Swisher received a cortisone shot on his ailing left knee, and it sounds like he won't play again until Friday in Baltimore at the earliest. A second MRI showed "inflammation" in the knee, Girardi said. So with Brett Gardner (right wrist) available only to pinch run and perhaps play defense - and possibly unavailable to start tomorrow, too - the Yankees have a starting outfield of Curtis Granderson in centerfield, Colin Curtis in rightfield and Austin Kearns in left.

Yup, just how they drew it up in spring training.

--In light of the Jose Reyes column I wrote for Monday's Newsday, I chatted with an official from another National League club (not the Mets, in other words) and asked him what he thought Reyes could get on the trade market this winter.

"One really good prospect, one solid prospect, and one or two medium-range prospects," the official responded. "Reyes is in his prime, and in a walk year, teams would line up for him."

The official also pointed out the paucity of good free-agent shortstops this winter. If Cincinnati and Orlando Cabrera both exercise their $4-million mutual option, then the list will feature Juan Uribe, Edgar Renteria and Cesar Izturis. Plus that Jeter fellow, but he isn't going anywhere.

Teams looking to upgrade at shortstop (the Giants? the Twins?) aren't going to have that many great options available.

The official also suggested that the Mets strongly consider trading David Wright, who is under control through 2013. If the Mets, under the guidance of a new general manager, made good deals for Reyes, Wright and Francisco Rodriguez, the official said, with the Mets having to pay a good amount of the freight on K-Rod, then they could be in great shape a few years from now.

What do you think? I'd put the odds as quite low that the Mets execute such a plan. Should they? 

--Have a great night.

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