Thanks to everyone who offered kind words these last few days. Now let's get back to work. I'm writing as Game 1 resumes following rain delay number two.

My first-round predictions went quite poorly. I was feeling quite confident when Texas eliminated Tampa Bay, making 1-for-1, and then I saw the other three series go against what I forecast. Yeesh.

But hey, what's the old adage? If at first you don't succeed...just make more predictions?

AL: Texas over Detroit in 6. I had the Rangers making the World Series in my original picks, so I might as well stick with that. No reason not to. The Rangers are arguably the most complete team in baseball.

NL: Milwaukee over St. Louis in 7. This is a fun series from a narrative perspective - the two clubs pretty much hate each others' guts - as well as from an analytical perspective. These two teams both endured terrible spring trainings; the Brewers saw Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum suffer injury setbacks, while St. Louis lost Adam Wainwright for the year.

So the lesson is, I suppose, don't derive too much from what happens in spring training.

Anyway, I'll go with Milwaukee because I think this series will be so close that the homefield advantage will come into play. And also, staying consistent with the "close games" idea, because the Brewers own the superior bullpen. How ironic it would be if Francisco Rodriguez won his second World Series as a setup man (the 2002 Angels marked his first such title, of course) with zero as a closer.

World Series: Milwaukee over Texas in 6. Yup, I think K-Rod will have his second World Series championshpi by the time we hit Halloween. Greinke and Marcum know their way around American League lineups, and impending free agent Prince Fielder can put on one last round of marketing fireworks.

--OK, now let's switch over to our preseason predictions contest. Here's your update:

1) Poppy 14; 2) (tie) Fake Ken Davidoff and The Goldman, 13; 4) (tie) JE and Richie G., 12; 6) Pancakes188, 11; 7) Gary M., 10; 8) (tie) Expatriate Mets Fan, WhyNot, Kev M., Bob Tufts, LB Clipper and Islander505, 9; 14) (tie) Dennis and Sandy, 8; 16) Harry LD, 7.

Have a good night. More in the morning.


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