This New York Post story about the Mets' financial condition has generated much discussion in the yakosphere (copyright Neil Best). I can't speak to the story's specifics, but at the very least, the Mets appear likely to commit to two medium-sized (in baseball parlance) properties in the next month and a half, which would partly refute such a story.

One is Matt Harvey, their Scott Boras-represented, first-round selection from last month's amateur draft. The other is a frontline starting pitcher.

At this point, there are three starting pitchers the Mets regard as frontline: Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Ted Lilly. 

Lee will cost a great deal in talent, as we know, and there's also growing industry speculation that the Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki will lean on Seattle's Japanese ownership to keep Lee through the duration of the season. 

Oswalt? The Astros still want someone to take on Oswalt's money, plus give up prospects. That formula ensures that Oswalt will still be in Houston come August 1.

Then there's Lilly. The Cubs are moving toward drawing the white flag. How many teams will take on the $6 million owed Lilly? The Mets will, as long as the asking price in prospects is reasonable. If you look at Lilly's peripherals - as Nick Migliore urged me to do, on Twitter - you'll see that he has benefited from some luck this year. Brett Myers looks better. But the Mets prefer Lilly, citing his left-handedness and flyball tendencies.

I also hear that the Rays are not serious suitors for Cliff Lee and that the particular notion of Seattle taking B.J. Upton for Lee has no traction whatsoever. The Mariners already have outfielders they like in Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez.

--Robinson Cano will not participate in the Home Run Derby, after all - good reporting job by Mark Feinsand of the Daily News - and I suppose that shouldn't shock us, based on how much the Yankees despise this event.  As we discussed this morning, I really can't blame the Yankees. 

--Good read here on 10 top general manager candidates. I can think of a few others I'd put in this group - off the top of my head, White Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn and Oakland director of player personnel Billy Owens - but I have no objection to any of the 10 identified here. And even if I did, I probably wouldn't admit to it.

--Have a great night.

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