Dewayne Wise falls into the stands after making a catch...

Dewayne Wise falls into the stands after making a catch off the bat of Jack Hannahan of the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning at Yankee Stadium. (June 26, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Who says baseball needs instant replay?

Likely the Indians, that's who. Especially after Tuesday's game against the Yankees and Dewayne Wise's disputed catch.

"Disputed" might be the wrong word. Wise did NOT make the catch. He made a tremendous effort to catch Jack Hanahan's foul drive in the seventh inning, diving over the rail in left field. But the ball glanced off his glove on the way down.

That call reinforces two things about baseball on June 26, 2012: (1) instant replay would solve a whole bunch of problems and (2) everything is coming up Dewayne Wise right now. Just saying, the man might want to buy a lottery ticket.

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