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Where were you? I was at Yankee Stadium, focused on the game in front of me. But I'm not patting myself on the back for discipline. I just don't have a Slingbox.

When I heard a squeal and then a groan emanate from other corners of the press box, I figured Armando Galarraga had lost his perfect game. I had to wait another few seconds until I learned how it happened.

So...let's go. More instant replay. Now. Safe/out and fair/foul beyond the current home run border calls.

"It would take up too much time!"? I don't see it, not the way questionable calls get challenged now by managers coming on the field. But if you're really that concerned about it, then I'm all for Jayson Stark's proposal of each manager getting one challenge per game.

If Tigers manager Jim Leyland had already used his challenge when last night's ninth-inning play occurred? Then that's on Leyland. But I think Stark is right. I think that, 90-95 percent of the time, managers would pocket that challenge until the late innings.

The exceptions? Let's say you're going against Roy Hallday, and with the bases loaded and two out in the first inning, and your guy hits a double down the line that's called foul but appears to be fair. Then you've got to pull the trigger.

"Human error is part of the game?" Boy oh boy, do I not see that one. Human error is the pitcher hanging a curveball, the baserunner getting picked off, the manager going with the wrong pinch-hitter. Technology can't improve on those, unless you want to go with robot players. but why shouldn't technology give us a better adjudicated game?

Let's do it. There's no better time than the present.

--All that being said, once the Indians-Tigers game ended, Galrarraga, Leyland and umpire Jim Joyce could not have handled the questions any better. Your heart had to cry out for Joyce, who clearly feels awful about this situation and will have to carry this with him for the duration of his career.

Of course Joyce shouldn't be fired or disciplined. He should be embraced for his accountability. And, he should be backed up with the readily available technolgoy.

--Joe Girardi surprisingly called for the call to be overturned. Of course, if you did that, you'd be opening up the biggest can of worms since Marty McFly saved his dad from getting hit by a car in "Back to the Future."

--Here's the column on Jorge Posada that you knew I'd be writing. I wonder if, when the time comes, Derek Jeter will be as graceful as Posada was concerning a position switch?

--Phil Hughes pitched very well, again, for the Yankees.

--The Mets wrapped up their road trip in memorably heartbreaking fashion. At the exact one-third mark of the season, they're very much in the pennant race, at 27-27. Will that still be the case, however, if they're 54-54 at the two-thirds mark? Unlikely. They simply have to start playing better, overall, to put themselves into a position where it'd be worth their while to trade for a Cliff Lee or someone else.

--Luis Castillo could be placed on the disabled list as soon as tomorrow, and as David Lennon reports, Oliver Perez could leave the roster as soon as Saturday.

--How about David Ortiz, winning American League Player of the Month honors? Remarkable. On April 30, I would've told you there was a much better chance of Ortiz being retired on June 2 than being named AL Player of the Month.

--Have a great day.

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