Apologies for the brief entries this week - it's been mostly Internet-access problems, but also some scheduling. We'll pick things up tomorrow with our final Friday Five of the season.

--Off World Series Game 1, I wrote that C.J. Wilson pitched better than he had previously this postseason, but not better enough to boost his upcoming free-agent portfoiio.

Don't get me wrong; Wilson will do very well this winter. But he very likely could have made more had he been pitching more like your classic October Game 1 starter. Instead, he has displayed his consistent command issues, even on a night when his stuff was better.

The other glaring issue to discuss: Why oh why did Ron Washington use Esteban Gernan over Yorvit Torrealba as a pinch hitter in the seventh inning, with men on first and second and two outs? The Rangers added Matt Treanor as a third catcher to their roster so they'd be able to pinch hit Torrealba.

Washington's explanation - that there's no guarantee Torrealbe would deliver there - was rather lacking.

--Could Jose Reyes go to the Marlins? Sure, if Miami is willing to pay, which just might be the case, what with the Marlins trying to make a splash in their new ballpark. The presence of Reyes' good friend Hanley Ramirez, and Ramirez's possible willingness to switch positions to allow Reyes to play shortstop, make this an intriguing possibility.

The biggest question of all in the Reyes derby will be how aggressively the Mets try to keep him. By the end of the year, Sandy Alderson sounded like someone torn over whether he wanted to actually keep Reyes or whether he wanted to avoid being weighed down by a potential bad contract. Maybe it was just posturing on Alderson's part, to keep Reyes' price down. To me, though, it reflected the dropping of Reyes' stock after the two stays on the disabled list.

--I'll be doing a World Series Insider each game night. I led off this series with a discussion of CC Sabathia, believe it or not. 

--Have a great day, and again, I'll check in tonight if there's pre-game news. 

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