Well, I began this postseason predicting that the Rangers would advance to the World Series and lose...to the Phillies.

That fizzled after one round, so at the outset of the LCS, I maintained that the Rangers would advance to the World Series and would lose...to the Brewers.

Here we are at the Fall Classic, and the Rangers are here, just as we thought. And what the hell, I'm banking on the third time being a charm.

St. Louis over Texas in 6.

Here are my World Series matchups.

--Here's my column on Albert Pujols, who has experienced good timing with his upcoming free agency, unlike last year's free agent icon Derek Jeter.

--Want to know how poorly our preseason predictions contest competitors performed? We're done, with one round to go. No one has either the Cardinals or the Rangers winning the World Series.

So here are our final results:

1) Poppy: 14; 2) (tie) Fake Ken Davidoff and The Goldman, 13; 4) (tie) JE and Richie G., 12; 6) Pancakes188, 11; 7) Gary M: 10; 8) (tie) WhyNot, Bob Tufts, Expatriate Mets Fan, Islander505, Kev M and LB Clipper, 9; 14) (tie) Dennis and Sandy, 8; 16) Harry LD, 7

Oh, and I would've tied Harry LD for last, had I been an official competitor. Yeesh.

Congratulations to Poppy for joining past winners Dennis (2009) and Bob Tufts (2010) in our Winners' Club. Poppy will get his choice of a video from the MLB Productions collection.

--I'll check in later from the ballpark if there's stuff to discuss. There wasn't really anything worthwhile yesterday.


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