Jose Bautista is at the end of a terrific season for the the Blue Jays as his team comes to Yankee Stadium for a a three-game series.

Bautista has a major league leading 43 home runs. He has hit six against the Yankees and is batting .366.  He also has 103 runs batted in.

Albert Pujols has 35 homers for the Cardinals. No one is trading him for Bautista, but who ever thought Bautista would beat out Price Albert  for the home run title?

Bautista, 29, is a real late bloomer. He never hit more than 16 homers--with the 2006 Pirates--and never drove in more than 63 runs--for Pittsburgh in 2007. He is a lifetime .245 hitter, but is at .269 this season.

The righthanded hitting Bautista has provided his own scouting report, saying he never homers to the opposite field, so the idea is to pitch him on the outside of the plate.

No one seems to be listening.




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