Adam Dunn, a lefthanded power hitter in Yankee Stadium, would be worth what to the Yankees? Just about anything.  Going after the player they call Big Donkey seems like a no-brainer.

Dunn has said he does not want to be a designated hitter, but for the roughly $60 million the Yankees could pay him (over four years) one suspects he'll make the sacrifice.  

If the Yankees wait, they might induce him as a free agent.  Or, the Nationals might decide he is too valuable to let go and come up with the money. Or trade him elsewhere.

Oft-injured Nick Johnson wasn't the answer at designated hitter and while it is nice to spell aging Jorge Posada at DH, how can he be compared to Dunn, who has 339 career homers and is only 30 years old.

Spare the farm system and keep  the potential stars, you say?  In baseball, potential means you haven't done it yet.

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