Andy Pettitte looks at his first half numbers, 11-2 with a 2.70 ERA, and flat out says it's not what he expected.

“It’s hard to think that you could do that,” Pettitte said. “Just because I’ve never really had that great first halves. Everybody always kind of talks about my second halves and it’s in my head, you’re a second-half pitcher. I’m just thankful I’ve put together a good first half. I want to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Pettitte has thrown at least seven innings in seven of his last nine starts and tonight was the sixth time this season he's allowed one earned run or less.

"Another great start from Andy," Joe Girardi said. "He shut them down."

Other than the sixth when he threw away Ichiro's bunt single, leading to a run. Pettitte did pitch out of a second-and-third, none-out jam in the inning to keep the Yankees within 1-0 but Pettitte, who committed two throwing errors on bunts against the Dodgers two starts ago, was still simmering about his errant throw.

“I just grabbed it and turned over there and I’m not even focusing on where I need to throw it,” Pettitte said. “I just kind of threw it over there into a group of people…I got very fortunate. I have to stop doing that. That’s a big-time mistake.”

But for the Yankees in this first half, Pettitte hasn't made many of them.

*** As you'd expect, the Yankees, who won their sixth straigh, were glued to the television before game, watching the LeBron James announcement.

"I was glad he announced it before 6:58 [Pacific] so our guys could go out and get ready," Girardi said with a laugh. "I appreciated it."

CC Sabathia, who said he last communicated with James after the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals, said “I was a little surprised,” at James picking Miami but was happy for him.

Sabathia also said it was “awesome” that he wouldn’t have to answer James’ free agency questions anymore.

Alex Rodriguez smiled when asked about the process that landed James in his hometown.

"Better him than me,” Rodriguez said smiling. “Next question.”

I don't think that was a shot at Miami; simply the circus surrounding James' decision, something A-Rod is somewhat familiar with.

And with that, the Yankees go for their seventh straight victory tomorrow as it's Phil Hughes (10-2, 3.83) taking on Cliff Lee (8-3, 2.34), a pitcher whose situation they continue to monitor.

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