Nick Swisher now knows how Gabe Kapler felt when Swisher was forced to pitch last season and Kapler struck out against him: “I’m going to use his line, too. `I now have  a new Most Embarrassing Moment.’ ”

            Swisher batted against Indians infielder Andy Marte, who was pressed into service as a pitcher in the ninth inning of the Yankees’ 11-4 win because Cleveland was just about out of pitching and didn’t want to waste a fresh arm in a lost cause.

           Other Yankees are going to be getting on Swisher for at least a week, and he knows it. “You’ve got to just take it, man. You’ve got to wear it,” said Swisher, the Yankees designated hitter for most of the night before playing right in the ninth.

            “Me and Marte, we’ve both got the same ERA.”


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