The Yankees are planning a grand show next Monday night at Yankee Stadium before hosting the Rays in the start of what should be a crucial four-game series.   

The team will unveil a monument to the late George Steinbrenner and fans will be given a CD featuring the music of Frank Sinatra, Steinbrenner's favorite singer. It comes from the Broadway show ``Come Fly Away.''

Steinbrenner invested in a number of Broadway productions furing his lifetime. 

Steinbrenner was very interested in a Sinatra project being worked on by director Martin Scorsese that would bring Sinatra's life story to the screen. As recently as eight months ago, reports indicate, Steinbrenner endorsed the lead to be played by Michael Barber, a young singer who Steinbrenner met in Tampa. 

The fate of the movie is uncertain as Scorsese battles with Tina Sinatra, the late singer's daughter, over creative differences.

Sinatra's signature ``New York, New York,''  is played after every game at Yankee Stadium.  Sinatra was friendly with Billy Martin, but in later years became a fan a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and manager Tommy Lasorda.



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