This time last year, Alex Rodriguez already had seven home runs--and he had missed a month. Right now, he has only 6.

            It has been a very un-A-Rod stretch, given that he is tied for 32nd place on the American League home run leaders list, even with such unlikely peers as Jason Varitek and Aaron Hill.

            His batting average is a respectable .284 and he does lead the Yankees with 32 RBI. But his slugging percentage is .466, down from his career mark of .573. He will benefit from the Yankees being back home for 16 of their next 22 games. He is batting only .259 with two homers on the road as opposed to .328 with four homers at the Stadium.

           Through 46 games last year, he had nearly twice as many (11) home runs as he does through 46 this year.

           Trivia: which was his best month for home runs in 2009? Right, October. Counting regular season and postseason, he hit 8.


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