There's nothing better in an NBA game than watching a highlight-worthy dunk. From the players on the bench to the fans in the arena, just about everyone goes berserk when somebody throws one down.

Unless you're the unfortunate bystander getting dunked on, of course (See: Timofey Mozgov).

Countdown down, here are the league's current 15 best at posterizing . . . with a sampling of their work:

15. VINCE CARTER, Phoenix Suns

The "old dude that can still throw it down" dunker

A few years ago, Carter owns this list. Heck, he might even be the best dunker of all time. Still, Vinsanity has lost a little hop in his steps, and sometimes would rather shoot a pull-up jumper than "dunkface" someone. That being said, we'd be remiss if we left him off this list.


14. DWIGHT HOWARD, Orlando Magic

The "volume" dunker

In Slam Dunk contests, Howard is king. And when it comes to sheer number of dunks, there aren't many that top Superman. Still, 7-footers in the paint aren't all that exciting unless they're pulling down a rim. And so far, Howard hasn't pulled his version of Darryl Dawkins or Shaq. (Sorry, Dwight, shot clocks only don't count.)


13. JASON RICHARDSON, Orlando Magic

The "maybe a 360-degree dunk down two points with 10 seconds left wasn't a great idea" dunker

Richardson has a bit of a history of choosing the wrong time to go for the highlight reel dunk. LeBron James' chase-down block on J-Rich last season was on Top 10 lists everywhere. When Richardson does manage to put one down, though, you get the feeling you're watching his personal dunk contest.


12. DEMAR DEROZAN, Toronto Raptors

The "guy you've never heard of" dunker

When the NBA announced the participants in this year's dunk contest, did you not know who Derozan was? You weren't alone. Stuck in oblivion north of the border, there aren't many opportunities to catch the youngster on TV. Thankfully, there's YouTube. (Oh, wait, wasn't he in last year's contest? See what we mean.)


11. WILSON CHANDLER, New York Knicks

The "hometown" dunker

Will the Thrill has managed to dunk his way on to the radar this year with a series of acrobatic dunks. In the process, he's making some Knicks fans wonder if Carmelo Anthony is really needed with Chandler manning the 3. While realistically he's no Melo, he is at least better than the disgruntled Nugget in one category.


10. DWYANE WADE, Miami Heat

The "under-the-radar superstar that can throw it down" dunker

Wade is super athletic. Playing alongside LeBron James, though, takes the spotlight off his ability to get to the rim and put it down. Watch Miami play, though, and you're guaranteed on a nightly basis to see Wade power one in.


9. JOSH SMITH, Atlanta Hawks

The "I get no respect" dunker

Snubbed from the All-Star team last year, he's a member of one of the most-overlooked rosters in the NBA, ignored along with Joe Johnson and Al Horford. Smith's among the best big threes across the league. There's no looking past J-Smoove's dunking ability, though.


8. SHANNON BROWN, Los Angeles Lakers

The "What happened in the Slam Dunk Contest?" dunker

For all the massive dunks Brown throws down in-game, what happened in last year's Slam Dunk Contest? We're docking points for that debacle. We trust he'll continue to make up for it over the rest of the year, though.


7. GERALD GREEN, Dallas Mavericks

The "he doesn't play but needs to be on this list" dunker

Green hasn't played a minute this year. In fact, he's barely played throughout his NBA career. When Green's on the court, though, it's as if he's got wings.


6. RUDY GAY, Memphis Grizzlies

The "uber-athletic" dunker

Historically stuck on not-so-good teams in Memphis, Gay hasn't gotten too much publicity - other than a big offseason contract. As good as he is on the floor, though, he's better at getting to the rim. Gay's got some hops, and fans in Memphis will tell you he's the best dunker in the NBA.


5. DERRICK ROSE, Chicago Bulls

The "How long did he hang in the air for?" dunker

If Rose is listed at 6-3, why is it that it seems like he's 7-1 when he takes off for a dunk? Somebody needs to check Rose's shoes, because he's got hangtime like Ray Guy. Rose is among the league's elite point guards . . . and the best at dunking.


4. J.R. SMITH, Denver Nuggets

The "stop shooting threes and stick to throwdowns" dunker

Smith is about as hot-and-cold as it gets in the league. He's also got a reputation as a problem in the locker room. And at times, he'll jack up six consecutive threes on six consecutive possessions and brick all of them. But when he takes off on the baseline and posterizes someone? It's can't-miss TV.


3. LeBRON JAMES, Miami Heat

The "superstar" dunker

Take the power of a 7-footer, combine it with the agility of a point guard, and you've got LeBron James. It might be easy to hate him, but there's a reason everybody wants to watch him.


2. ANDRE IGUODALA, Philadelphia 76ers

The "he did NOT just do that" dunker

A small forward ahead of LBJ? Yeah. Catch Iggy on a fast break and you'll see why. Granted, his off-the-back-of-the-backboard rim-rattler in the Slam Dunk Contest is what he's famous for, but it's certainly not the only clip on his dunking resume.


1. BLAKE GRIFFIN, Los Angeles Clippers

The "YouTube sensation" dunker

We'll let the following videos do the talking.


Just missed the cut: Kobe Bryant (past his dunking prime), Nate Robinson (what has he done for us lately?), Amar'e Stoudemire (we're waiting for that backboard breaker), JaMario Moon (it's no fun playing in Cleveland), Wesley Johnson (another year and he'll be on this list)

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